The Old Stage Trail
This photograph titled The Old Stage Trail is of the old stage trail that went through Hay Creek and goes back past the Civil War era to when the settlers were settling in the area.  Photograph taken c1900

When towns were being founded and  establishing post offices, there were several stage routes that serviced the mail as well as furnishing transportation from town to town.

The Burbank Stage Line ran from Dubuque Iowa north to St. Paul through Cannon Falls.

From Red Wing, there were three Star routes.
The first, was the Red Wing, Faribault stage.
The second, was the Red Wing Kenyon stage.
The third was the Red Wing, Mantorville stage.

One other trail was along the Mississippi river that ran up the Military road.

All of the towns along the routes were serviced by a stage.

Courtesy of the Goodhue County Historical Society  All Rights Reserved
Courtesy of the Library of Congress  All Rights Reserved
This photograph of an old stage was taken a bit after the Civil War Era,  but is of the type of stages used through the 1800's.

Both enclosed and open stages were used in Goodhue County. It has been mentioned that there were armed stages on the Star Routes out of Red Wing.

The country setting deplicts the vast prairie land of Goodhue County at that time.

Early settlers came to the area in wagons pulled by ox and in covered wagons pulled by teams of horses.  Some came in Wagon trains. During the Civil War, it was common to see wagon trains bringing up supplies behind the army that were 20 miles long.

This photograph is of a wagon train in St. Petersburg bringing up suplies for the army of the Patomac.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress  All Rights Reserved