The George McKinley Post 92 Cannon Falls, Minn.
The George McKinley Post 92 was named after a private in the 1st Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. Co. F known as the Goodhue Volunteers. He was the brother of A. McKinley, A. being Alexander. Alexander was a member of that same Post. Alexander had been in the 1st Minn. Heavy Artillery.

George McKinly was thought to be the last child of his family  born in Glasgow Scotland and came to America with his family  that found their way to Cherry Valley, Minn.

At age 23, George signed up at Fort Snelling on May 23rd, 1861 at the time the call was being changed from 90 days to 3 years. He fell in with the Goodhue Volunteers, Co. F of the 1st Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. that had been led to the Fort by Captian William Colvill on Aprill 27th 1861 from Red Wing.

George would have worn a red shirt, blue trousers and a black slouch hat, the 1st uniform of the 1st Minn. and would of most likely carried a Harpers Ferry smooth bore musket. The 1st. Minn wore these uniforms through the battle of Bull Run  (Manasses).

Co. A & F were the closest companies to the fighting as the regiment was being placed into action at the Battle of Bull Run. It was said that George McKinley was mortally wounded in the first volley of shot received by Co. F from the Confederates. As the company fell back, it was said that George did not want to die in the hands of the Rebel Traitors. He was brought to a wooded area where he died on his wounds. George McKinley would have been among the very first Minnesotans to die in the Civil War. History holds the secret to who was really the first.

Another source found stated: George McKinley was hit when endeavoring to recover Rickett's Battery. The wounded were carried to Sudley Church, but I did not remember seeing him there and thought perhaps he died & was buried by the Confederates. James A. Write, The National Tribune.

His body was never sent home. Some years later, Alexander McKinley went to Manasses to see if he could find his brothers grave, but could not. Just outside Cannon Falls in Cherry Valley is the Cherry Valley Cemetery. George McKinleys name is on the family grave marker there but his body reamains among the unfound. "On September 4th, 1999, I was out at Cherry Valley Cemetery and saw the name McKinley on two mail boxes. Well, I had to stop and investigate and was able to talk with Dale McKinley, a distant relitive of George, We shared information & he confirmed to me that Georges body had never been found. I walked the land where the old farm had been." A.F. Bianchi
The photograph above is of a black mourning ribbon worn by G.A.R. Post 92 members at funerals of Post members.
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Civil War Veterans line up for Decoration Day in Cannon Falls in 1892

Sidney Denning
W.F. Deline
E.L. Clark
Stephen Van Guilder
W.E. Poe
W. H. Smith
James L. Scofield
William Goudy
Johanues Tostenson
Frank Johnson
David Valentine
J.S. Poe
C.A. Scofield
E.R. Steele
Alexander McKinley
J. Dickman
R. Smithson
F. Van Guilder 
A.H. Van Voorhis
S. Robertson 
Ole Olsen  
Henry Kulker
J.P. McNarry
Levi Gleason 
T. Czeskleda
H. Loomis
A.H. Parker
David Platt
George Cook
M.T. Opsal
J. W. Stebbins
P.E. Babcock
H.O. Harrow
John Peter
M. Doyle
W. Van Guilder
C.J. Anderson

1st Minn Heavy Art. Co.I
2nd N.Y. Mt. Rif. Co. L
123rd U.S. C. Inf. Co. K  
1st Minn. Heavy Art. Co. H 
6th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. C   
1st Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. D 
8th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. F 
6th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. C 
2nd Bat. 13th U.S. Inf. Co. C
8th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. C  
1st Minn. Cav. Co. F    
2nd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. F 
2nd Minn. Cav. Co. K 
Bracket's Battalion, Co. D
1st Minn. Heavy Art. Co. H 
1st Minn. Heavy Art. Co. D
2nd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. I  
8th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. A
1st Heavy Artilery Co. I
37th Wis. Inf. Co. I       
1st Minn. Heavy Art. Co. I
5th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. A  
79th Ill. Inf. Co. F  
2nd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. I 
16th Wis. Inf.  Co.E
5th Wis. Light Art.
16th Wis. Inf. Co. H 
10th Wis. Light Art.
3rd Minn. Fol. Inf. Co. E
2nd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. I   
9th Vt. Inf. Co. E
6th U.S. Inf. Co. H
72nd. Ind. Inf. Co. B
1st Minn. Vol. INf. Co. B
51st Wis. Inf. Co. G     
14th Vt. Inf. Co. B
3rd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. D
A Roster of the George McKinley Post 92
Sources  Roster was found on page 43 of Roots & Wings  other Sources.

This photograph is of the Post 92 grave markers that are found in the Cannon Falls area Cemeteries. These markers easily let us know where these members are buried on cemetery walks. Only Civil War veterans that were members of the G.A.R. have these markers.
The Soldier that the MvKinley Post was Named After

George McKinley
The George McKinley Post 92 members consisted of members from not just Minnesota, but soldiers that had served in New York, Vermont, Illinois and Wisconsin as well.  As members moved from stste to state, they would transfer to other G.A.R. Posts.
The W.R.C. in Cannon Falls
There was also a Women's Relief Corps in association to the Post, The George McKinley women's Relief Corps 80
The George McKinnley Corps 80 met at the Masonic Hall on the first Monday of the month. In 1907, Mrs. H. A. Van Campen was president, Mrs. Eliza Lewis was senior vice president, Mrs. Matilda Van Guilder was junior vice president, Mrs. Hattie L. Applegate was secretary & Mrs. Hilma Peterson was the Treasurer.

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George Mckinley Post 92, Cannon Falls
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The George McKinley Post No. 92 met on the first Monday of each month  at the Masonic Hall.  John Nelson, P.C.; John T. Wangen, sr. V.C.; Charles Sherd, jr. V.C.; W.F. Deline, adj.; D. Valentine, Q.M.                                                           The Red Wing & Goodhue County Directory of 1907

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On April 21st, 1884 there was a meeting at the Masonic Hall. It was at that meeting the G.A.R. George McKinley Post 92 was organized.

On May 5th, 1884 it was voted to have observance of Decoration Day and wreaths were made up to place on the graves of the Civil War Veterans.

On June 31st, 1913 the total value of the post property was $43.90 which included a post fund of $32.90 and a relief fund of $11.00.