The A.E. Welch Post 75 Red Wing, Minn.
The A.E. Welch Post 75   was named after Abraham Edward Welch, known to many at the time as Edward or Ed. I say this because in my researching, I have found him referred to as Edward, or Ed, many times.

At the time of the Call To Arms in Red Wing & Goodhue County on April 19th 1861 to put down the Great Rebellion  (Civil War). A.E. Welch was said to have been a  student and teacher at the Hamline University in Red Wing, Minn.

It was said that Edward  attended the war meeting at the Court House in Red Wing on Friday evening the 19th inst., at 7:00 O' clock.  The Goodhue Co. Republican stated that about 50 men had joined at this first meeting & one third of the new company were students from Hamline. It is said that at the close of the appeal, two men raced over the chairs to be the first to enlist. The two men were said to be William Colvill  & Edward Welch. In the process,Welch slipt and fell reaching for the pen but, Colvill seized it saying, you're next Ed. It was by popular vote, A. E. Welch was voted 1st Lieutenant of The Goodhue Volunteers that would  become Co. F of the 1st Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf..
The City of Red Wing Directery of 1893
The A.E. Welch Post No. 75 met on the 1st Wednesday of each month  at the Wallauer's Hall.

Another source states
  The meeting were at 1 p.m. in      Fraternity Hall on the 1st             Wednesday of the month.
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At near the end of the battle at Bull Run ( 1st Manasses), there were said to
have been three calls made for retreat. Welch was said to have told his men
to stand fast as the men were falling back.  Welch was hit in his hip and
continued to fight and was captured. As a prisoner of war, he was paroled
under a prisoner exchange program that was in place early in the war and was
sent back to Fort Snelling.  The men of the 3rd Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. had been surrendered at Murfeesboro by the vote of their officers. These men were also paroled under the same prisoner exchange program and were returned to Fort Snelling.These men of the 3rd no longer wanted to fight as they had not been allowed to prove themselves. The 3rd had lost their pride on their surrender and on their return found themselves to be unruly with no respect given to regulation or officers. with the Indian Uprising. Welch, now being promoted to a Major was given the temporary command of the 3rd and led the 3rd Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. through the Battle of Wood Lake against the Sioux Indians. There, as the battle began, Welch was ordered several times to fall back before doing so.  It was with Welch's leadership in the battle and the men of the 3rds determination that won the field in victory with a bayonet charge and earned the regiment their pride and respect that they carried throught the rest of the war. Welch was wounded once again in the falling backof the engagement and was not part of the charge. He recoverd from his wounds.

Welch was then Major of  the 4th Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. and was wounded for his third time in Vicksburg. It was said that he never fully recovered and died of pneumonia in a hospital in Nashville on Fedruary 1st, 1864. I have since found another souce that states he died of consumption.

Other information:
Abraham Edward Welch Born -  August 16th,  1839
        Died -  February 1st, 1864

In1872, the name of Grant Township, previously part of Burnside Township until 1864,
was changed to Welch, named after and in memory of A.E. Welch.
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Minnesota's First County Historical Society est. 1869
The A.E. Welch Post 75  was issued  their charter on March 15th, 1884 on a Saturday evening at a meeting in the court house.  A.F. Graves called the meeting to order and Department Commander E.C. Babb was present from Minneapolis. There were 54
Charter members known that mustered in that evening.  As writen in order of
membership found, are as follows,

54 Names of Members found on the institution of the A. E. Welch Post 75
William Colvill, L.A. Hancock, Jno. (John) F. Veeder, L.B. Scofirld, W.W. DeKay, Albert W. Orser,
Jas. (James) Haws E.F. Grow. Geo. ( George) W. Humphery, Henry P. McIntire, Amherst F. Graves, Chas. (Charles) Erikson, P.F. Glardon, E.L. Baker, Wm. (Wiliam) Liewellyn, A. Wright, J.W. McChesney, Albert Jones, Grorge Shakespeare, Jno. (John) Winter, Jacob Christ, Jas. (James) S. Carpenter, Jas. (James)
F. Sawyer, A.T. McCrackren, H.B. Washburn, Christian S. Bruner, Swan Dahlberg, Jno. (John) P. Johnson, Jno. (John) M. Jorden, Wm. (William) H. Parsons, Geo. (George) W. Hawkins, Jno. (John) C, Pfiffer,
Geo. (George) R. Slawson, Geo. (George) W. Crialer, Wm. (William) H. Wright, J.J. Quayle, H.F. Armstrong,
S.J. Hasler,  Lester F. Quimby, George Hudson,  Nelson, Thornberg, A. Seeback, F.A. Carlson, E.H. Druse, Ole Oskey, Peter Wagner, E.D. Brisbine, John Levick, Wm. (William) H. Blaker, F.Hempftling, A. Remmler, H.H. Bissel, Wm. (William) P. Gates, F. Seeback, W.W. Dekay
The Man That The A. E. Welch Post  Was Named After

Abraham Edward Welch
The A. E. Welch Women's Relief Corps 29
The A. E. Welch Women's Relief Corps 29 was organized at a meeting on April 11, 1887. There were 39 Charter members and as many as 143 members at a time the Corps 29 was active in Red Wing. The membership was open to not only the wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of Civil War Union Veterans, but included any American women that thought herself loyal. The Corps 29 had as many as 63 members at one time in their history.

The purpose of the organization was to assist the G.A.R. in various programs as well as in a social
capacity. The Women's Relief  was known for not only their social services for the needy veterans
and veteran families, but served the community as well for anyone in need.

The A.E. Welch Women's Relief Corps celebrated their 69th anniversary on Wednesday March 28th,
1956.  The celebration was at the AOUW Hall at 12:30 P.M. and included a potluck luncheon.
Names of Members found of the A. E. Welch Women's Relief Corps  29

Mrs. E.S.Wright, Mrs. Matilda Graves, Mrs. Melphia Jones, Sarah E. Hasler, Lucy Norton, Charlotte Bolles, Agnes C. Davis, Mary Druse, Leia Allyn, Mary Barrows, Mrs. Rose Heiserman, Mrs. Melissa Hardy, Mrs. Gunda Henning, Mrs. Nellie I. Cook, Dora Maetzold, Mrs. Dora Roland, Mrs. Lou Hawkins, Mrs. Mary Malloy, Signild Carlson, Mrs. Julia B. Nelson, Nettie White, Lucy Phillips, Lena Gates, Elizabeth Thompson.

The A.E. Welch Women's Relief Corps 29 disbanded in 1971.  1887-1971
Colvill  Camp. No. 33  Sons of Veterans
Colvill Camp No. 33 was another associated organization in Red Wing. The Camp was organized on October 30th, 1904. It was said that the Camp had 35 members and also met at 215 Bush street on the 1st Wednesday of each month.
Courtesy of the Goodhue County Historical Society All Rights Reserved
In the photograph above, possibly taken on Decoration Day, on the horse to the far right is Capt. Glardon
Left to Right - Front Row: David Hancok, A.W. Orsen, Unknown, Unknown, John Hemphfling, C.P. Belin, Unknown, Fred Seebach, W.H. Blaker, M.A. Tucker, Wm. Llewellyn, Henry Sherp, Chas Boatman, John R Taylor?, J.J. Heiserman, John Arden, Unkown, Unknown
Second Row - W.B. Hancock, George Crisler, Albert Jones, John Nelson, Archibalb Rose, Unknown, George Deblow, Hiram Bissell, John Langhans, C.O. Erickson, John Boxrud, Lucius Hancock, Unknown, Tolley Johnson?, Unknown, Unknown, J.C. Johnson, E.H. Druse
Post 75 Lined up on Third St.  Corner of  302 Plum St. & Third St. c1891
At the December 3rd, 1930 annual meeting of the A.E. Welch Post 75, the following members were present. Fred Seebach, Tolley Johnson & F.A. Carlson. The meeting was recorded by Mrs. Minnie Carlson Loye. It was passed to keep the organization until the last member. At which time, the charter be surendered to the Asst. Adjt. General of the state of Minnesota & that the flag banner and records be turned over to the Goodhue County Historical Society. The funds remaining in the hands of the Post shall be divided equally between the Women's Relief Corps & the Daughters of the Civil War Veterans organizations.
Signed Post Asgt. F.A. Carlson

The Last Man
Taps sounded on June 23rd, 1935 for the post's last member, Frank A. Carlson died at home at age 92 and the Army of the Republic faded into Red Wings past forever. 3rd Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. Co. D
Courtesy of the Goodhue County Historical Society All Rights Reserved
The A.E. Welch Post 75 Drum Corps

In the photograph to the right,from left to right are
Standing: William B. Hancock, A.W. Orser, S.W. Park
Seated: David Hancock, George W. Hawkins

The A.E. Welch Post 75 On Parade

This photograph below is of a c1898 parade in Red Wing. Frank Carlson Goodhue is carring the banner.

Courtesy of the Goodhue County Historical Society All Rights Reserved
Courtesy of the Goodhue County Historical Society All Rights Reserved
The  ladies of the A.E. Welch Women's Relief Corps 29 at the home of Mrs. Jones.
The photograph was taken while the The ladies were there for a picnic. c1900
Private Anthony's
"A.E.W. was an earnest patriot a true gentleman a gallent soldier in whose honor this G.A.R. Post is named after.  He died for his country. "  Personal War Sketches of  Post 75

Other Interesting Finds of The A.E. Welch Post 75
Found in the Personal War Sketches of the Army of the Republic of 1890, A.E. Post 75,
This book is said to be incomplete but with that said, there is a Roster of 187 past post members names & the units to which most belonged.
In 1906, The A.E. Welch Post with seeing age and formalities would soon come that would not permit them to carry on, organized the Red Wing Memorial Day Association.
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This photograph is of the Post 92 grave markers that are found in the Cannon Falls area Cemeteries. These markers easily let us know where these members are buried on cemetery walks. Only Civil War veterans that were members of the G.A.R. have these markers.
At Christ Church in Red Wing, there is a bueatiful stained glass window dedicated to A.E. Welch