The Scofield Post 121 Zumbrota, Minn.
The  Scofield Post 121 Zumbrota, Minn. Decoration Day, May 30th, 1893

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The Scofield Post 121 was named after two brothers that had died in the Civil War. They were Amos G. Scofield & George S. Scofield. H.Scofield in the photograph above is H. M. Scofield, their brother.

The post was organized on September 9, 1884 at a meeting at the Goodtemplar Hall in the Blanchard Building. After a brief purpose of the organization was given by Adjutant General Norton. The Post was instituted with 32 members as Post 121.On September 24, 1884 at another meeting, the post adopted  the name Scofield Post 121. Muster fees were set at $2.50 and that was with the inclusion of the G.A.R. Members badge.

On November 12, 1886 the Post changed their meeting location from the Oddfellows Hall
to the Palmer Building. It was said that the Post had excepted a proposition to make the move
as to furnish wood, light, furniture and for the sum of $1.75 for each meeting held.

On September 18, 1909 the Post celebrated their 25 anniversary that occurred on September 16, 1909. It was said in a speech by H. M. Scofield that there were 40 members.

32 Names of Members found on the institution of the Schofield Post  121

W.E. Mosher, Joseph Beerman, P.D. Willard, D. Bugby, M.L. Webb, B.D. Woodbury, O.W.A. Strand, F.D. Webb, C, Eastman, H.L. Eastman, James Hecox, I.D. Warren, Calvin Daniels, H.M. Scofield, H.W. Squires, J. H. Reeves, G.G. McCoy, Lewis Abend, O.H. Hall, L.S. Judd, Edgar Stacey, D.L. Druce, William A. Black, George W. Giles, Clark Rogers, Lyman T. Ward, Charles A. Leach, Stanford C. Holland, Bond Olson, P.L. Sickerson, H,W, Cooledge, Fred Hoff 
The men in the photograpg are as follows from the left to the right being
Phil Yochem, A.Woodruff, W.E.Mosher, C.Gholtz, D.Dugby, O.H.Hall, Jim Reeves, Mccoy ?, A.Gettig, J.M.Beeman, O.T.Berg, O.Sttand, Dan Druse, Unknown, Bond Olson, H.Squires, Unknown, W.A.Black, H.Scofield, L.Ward, J.Lothrop, M.Morgan, Crit Eastman & Lewis Abend.  Lewis Abend played the drum in this photo through the Civil War. The drum was  played at Lincoln's Inauguration at Lincoln's Funeral and for the G.A.R. Post through Lewis Abends life.
The Drum in this photograph  is on display at the Zumbrota Historical  Museum.
The Two Brothers That The Scofield Post 121 Was Named After

Amos G. Scofield

Amos G. Scofield  lived in Roscoe at the time of the Civil War. He made his way to Red Wing from Zumbrota and joined the 1st company of The Goodhue Volunteers being formed between April 19th, 1861 and April 26th. He was led to Fort Snelling by Capt. William Colvill among the Goodhue Volunteers on April 27th, 1861. He was mustered in at Fort Snelling on April 29th, 1861 at age 24 and appointed Corp. in Co. F of the 1st Minnesota Regiment Voluneteer Infantry. He died on August 18th, 1861 in a hospital in Alexandria Virginia of what was said to be a terible wound to his head that he recieved in the Battle of Bull Run.
Amos would have worn a red shirt, blue trousers and a black slouch hat, the 1st uniform of the 1st Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf. and company F, the Goodhue Volunteers and would of most likely carried a Harpers Ferry smooth bore musket. The 1st. Minn wore these uniforms through the battle of Bull Run  (Manasses).

Co. A & F were the closest companies to the fighting as the regiment was being placed into action at the Battle of Bull Run. It was said that Geoge McKinley was mortally wounded in the first volley of shot received by Co. F from the Confederates on falling back from an advance and Amos mortally wounded shortly after and carried off of the field. Amos was brought to a hospital in Alexandria where he died of his wounds. 
George S. Scofield

George S.Scofield lived in Rosco at the time of the Civil War. He most likely joined at Red Wing when the company was being formed for the 4th Regiment. George was mustered into Co. D of the 4th Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry on October 10th,1861 at age 21. George was taken prisoner in  Murfreesboro, Tenn. and died on December 8, 1863 from illness.
The Scofield Women's Relief Corps 94 was instituted by Mrs. I. A. Gilford and a
charter was signed  on April 8th, 1892. The membership was open to not only the
wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of Civil War Union Veterans, but included
any American women that thought herself loyal.

The purpose of the organization was to assist the G.A.R. in various programs as well as in a social capacity. The Women's Relief  was known for not only their social services for the needy veterans and veteran families, but served the community as well for anyone in need.

The ladies of the Women's Relief Corps funded a marble  and bronze plaque on the
Carnegie Public Library of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. It was presented
in memory of the Civil War Veterans on May 10th, 1910. This beautifully detailed
plaque is now on the wall in the present day library being of 2007 for all to see.
The Scofield Women's Relief Corps 94
Source - Zumbrota The First One Hundred Years 
other sources
33 Names of Members found on institution of the Schofield Women's Relief Corps 94

Mrs. I.A. Gifford, Mrs. Sarah E. Lothrop, Mrs. Anna J. Hall, Mrs. Harriet P. Abend, Mrs. Mary A. Cooper, Mrs. Delia M. Hall, Mrs. Jane C. Scofield, Mrs. S.N. Ward, Mrs. Jane C. Black, Mrs. Julia Friedrich, Mrs. Rosina Reeves, Mrs. Julia E. Mosher, Mrs. Rose Dickenson, Mrs. M.H. Kinton, Mrs. Mary F. Mann, Mrs. Climina Blake, Mrs. Mary R. Rust, Mrs. Ermina M.B. Scofield, Mrs. Ellen E. Stacy, Mrs. Cornelia Rogers, Mrs. Maggie Watson,
Mrs. E.R. Canfield, Mrs. Lizzie H. Grover, Mrs. Eva R. Woodbury, Mrs. Carrie A. Morgan, Mrs. Delia A. Warren, Mrs. A.J. Danse, Mrs. Sophia Danielson, Mrs. M.M. Weatherhead, Mrs. Ermina N. Scofield, Mrs. Manda Eastman, Mrs. Rose Eastman, Miss Lottie Black

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Other Interesting Finds of The Scofield Post 121 & Women's Relief Corps 94
The Oyster Supper

The Post had conducted an oyster supper on January 10th, 1890 as to raise money for the public school building flag. It was said that one of the latest novelties of entertainment was a Shoe Social. The ladies would line up behind a screen with only their shoes visible to the Gentlemen. The Gentlemen would then purchase their choice of shoes for the evening for the sum of 15 to 20 cents, & with out knowing who may be in the shoes. After the selection was made, the gentlemen would claim their purchase, receive the wearer & would conduct her to the supper.

Enough money was raised to purchase the flag. The flag was said to have been a grand flag that was 10 by 20 feet and was purchased for the amount of 20.00 dollars. It was found that the flag was perhaps too grand as it was too large, so there was an exchange for two others less in size.
The G.A.R. Bible

In 1933, On the anniversary of the  Scofield Post, the Post  presented a 50 year old bible to the American Legion that had the Charter members inscribed on the pages..

The Zumbrota Town Hall Decorated for a W.R.C. Affair
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This photograph is of the Post 121 grave markers that are found in the Zumbrota  area Cemeteries. These markers easily let us know where these members are buried on cemetery walks. Only Civil War veterans that were members of the G.A.R. had these markers.
The Zumbrota News December 8th, 1899

The following is part of an article that describes the decorations of the town hall above and possibly could be linked to the photo or a very similar affair.

    " Wednesday. They started in early and like true soldiers, they didn't quit until late. At 2:30 p.m. Schofield Post No. 121, G.A.R. was inspected by Adj. Gen. B. M. Hicks, who found everything in first class order; then came the annual election of officers.
In the evening from 5:30 to 7:30 the ladies of the W.R.C. served a super in Fireman's hall and to use the words of Capt. Van Sant, " it was a feast fit for a king, and would make a man's mouth water any time." The super was liberally patronized by the public and must have added a handsome addition to their treasury.
After supper the crowd repaired to the city hall where a rare treat was in store for all. The stage was appropriately decorated with bunting and flags and looked neat and tasty and fully carried out the spirit and meaning of the occasion."

"Commander Mosher introduced  Gen. Hicks, the first speaker. Miss Elisie Gillman favored the audience with a selection on the piano, followed by a flag song in which about twenty little ones took part. Miss Wedge gave a select recitation  and then came another song by Miss Sarah Hall's school children. Bernice Sheffield rendered recitation made an appeal for pensioning of the old soldier. Miss Stella Barteau gave a vocal solo which was highly appreciated."

Amos G. Scofield
George S. Scofield
Courtesy of  Denise Bond All Rights Reserved
Courtesy of  Denise Bond All Rights Reserved
Special thanks to Denise Bond a relative that had found these named photos in a very old family album.
The Last Man

Taps sounded in 1937 for the post's last member, Charlse A. Leach died at age 94 and the Army of the Republic faded into Zumbrota's past forever. Born on September 30th, 1843. He was the last Civil War Veteran to pass away in Goodhue County.